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White House: U.S. Gave Ukraine Everything It Asked for for Its Offensive, but Progress is Slow

The US gave Ukraine everything it asked for in its offensive, but time is not on its side, White House spokesman John Kirby told CNN. According to him, Washington gave Kyiv everything on its so-called Ukrainian shopping list in the months leading up to the counteroffensive. The Ukrainians got everything they wanted, and the States continue to do not skimp on military assistance and are determined to continue supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“We’re giving them the tools and weapons they need to break through lines of defense,” Kirby said.

Kyiv understands that it will become more difficult to maneuver, use drones and air defense systems with the start of autumn, Kirby added. He cited Zelensky’s words that so far, progress is not being made as quickly as we would like.

“They are fighting very bravely every single day and making progress. This is not a freeze, not a stalemate. So far things are not moving as fast as Zelenskiy would like, but they are making some progress,” Kirby said.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky explained the poor results of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by the lack of long-range weapons.

Earlier it became known that relations between Ukraine and the West are collapsing due to the failure of the counteroffensive.

Source : ABSATZ