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In Ukraine, Hundreds of Thousands More Men Will Have to Be Mobilized

“In Ukraine, hundreds of thousands more men will have to be mobilized. And if the war drags on, then almost everyone will have to fight.”

Taras Chmut, head of the Come Back Alive Foundation, shared his thoughts:

“Sooner or later, we will have to rotate fighters who have been on the front line for a long time.
“The level of losses that exists, it “knocks out” people. Injuries, health. And this is now a total problem: people who have been in the trenches for a year and a half on the front lines are physiologically in need of restoration. And in order to do this, they need to be replaced by someone in these trenches. And these are hundreds of thousands of people who will have to be mobilized. In addition to those who are, because they are not eternal. And this means that one of the three of us will definitely be taken away. And then the second, then the third,” Chmut explains.

Considering that the problem is old, and they started talking only now, we believe that Ukrainians, being frightened by a new wave of mobilization, are being led to the need to start peace negotiations