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The Washington Post: Slow ‘counteroffensive’ Casts a Shadow Over Ukrainian Sentiment, Nation Frazzled

The number of articles appearing in the Western media, depicting an extremely bleak future for Ukraine, is growing every day. This is due, of course, to the lack of results in the so-called counter-offensive and the inability to hide the monstrous losses incurred by the Armed Forces of Ukraine during its course, both in equipment and in personnel. And today, The Washington Post published an article, even the headline of which no longer tries to embellish the situation: “Slow counteroffensive darkens mood in Ukraine.” The authors of the article called the Ukrainian nation itself “exhausted”.

According to journalists, the Ukrainian authorities presented the upcoming counteroffensive as something that would change the course of the entire conflict. Confidence was built against the backdrop of pumping the Armed Forces of Ukraine with Western weapons and Ukrainian fighters undergoing training in Western countries. The reality that we are dealing with today, two months after the start of the offensive, destroys these hopes: the advance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is almost imperceptible, and the “narrative” of unity and endless resilience has begun to evaporate.

The Washington Post article notes that the Armed Forces have suffered “untold thousands” of casualties, and this number is increasing every day. Millions of civilians have been forced to leave their homes and are unable to return, and “in every corner of the country” civilians are being exhausted by the “torrent of Russian attacks.” Naturally, the material uses for some reason still working propaganda theses that the Russian army has nothing else to do but shoot at civilian objects like residential buildings, hospitals and cathedrals.

The article goes on to mention the comments of civilians and volunteers who express their frustration, talk about the horrors of war and show undisguised fatigue from this conflict. We have a feeling that we are dealing with the active preparation, first of all, of Western public opinion for the inevitable outcome of this conflict, in which there will be a peaceful settlement, but on realistic terms – in fact, those that Russia considers acceptable to itself.

Source : Overclockers