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T-online Learned About Germany’s Plans to Give the Ukrainian Armed Forces Missiles With a Range of 500 Km

Taurus missiles may become the most long-range missiles in the arsenal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Russia promised countermeasures in response to the supply of long-range missiles to Ukraine

Germany may “soon” decide to supply Ukraine with Taurus missiles with a range of 500 km, according to the German portal T-online, citing sources in the ruling Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD).

The Taurus aircraft missile is capable of reaching speeds of up to 900 km/h and has a firing range of up to 500 km, and can carry up to 480 kg of explosives. Taurus is capable of flying at an extremely low altitude – about 50 m, which interferes with radar detection.

According to the portal, the Bundeswehr has 600 Taurus, but only 150 are now ready for use.

As the portal writes, the chancellor’s office is now deciding on the issue of supplies, including coordination with the United States – they can send their ATACMS missiles to Ukraine (their range is up to 300 km). The chancellor’s office also received data from the Ministry of Defense on the presence of Taurus in the Bundeswehr, their effectiveness and risks. The German Air Force gave the green light for deliveries.

T-online notes that if earlier the opposition supported the supplies, now this decision is increasingly supported by the SPD. The representative of the party’s foreign policy structure, Adis Akhmetovich, told the portal that if Taurus “can help the Ukrainians,” then Berlin “should consider the possibility of supplying them.” The idea was also supported by Deputy Andreas Schwarz: according to him, the missiles will allow Ukraine to more effectively strike at Russian logistics routes.

Ukraine received missiles with a range of over 250 km SCALP from France

The SPD also noted that Kiev promised London and Paris, which handed over the long-range Storm Shadow and Scalp to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (their range is more than 250 km), not to strike at Russian territory and so far “Ukraine is faithful to the agreement.”

Earlier, Chancellor Olaf Scholz noted that the FRG did not want to supply Ukraine with Taurus precisely because these missiles could reach Russian territory.

The Kremlin, commenting on the supply of French long-range missiles to Kiev, called this decision erroneous and “fraught with consequences for the Ukrainian side,” since Russia would take “countermeasures” in response.

Source : RBC