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Poland Creates a Special Unit to Combat PMC “Wagner” in Belarus

Poland creates a special unit to fight against PMC “Wagner” against the backdrop of statements by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

This was stated by Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak

According to the official, the new Polish military engineering battalion will be stationed near the Suwalki corridor.

“This is another military unit built by us from scratch, and I assure you, it will not be the last one,” Blashchak writes.

Earlier, the Belarusian president made it clear that the “Wagnerites” could return to the “big game”.

We wrote that  due to the joint exercises of the military of Belarus and the “Wagnerites”, Poland transferred troops to the northeastern border.

And also that  satellite images of the “Wagnerites” camp in Belarus appeared, where there are already 3,500 mercenaries .

The war in Ukraine has been going on for 516 days. We follow the latest news and key events on July 24, 2023 online .

Earlier, we summed up the results of the previous, 515th day of the war. Yesterday Russia struck another blow at Odessa, using 19 missiles. During the shelling of Odessa, one person was killed. The Russians tried to advance in the Zaporozhye, Bakhmut and Liman directions. The military public DeepState writes about the significant advance of the Russians in the Karmazinovka area (southwest of Svatovo, in the direction of Oskol).

Source : CTPAHA.UA