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Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Modernized Russian Kh-32 Missile Has Become Longer-range and More Accurate

Against the background of the ongoing special operation, Russia has taken up the modernization of its missile arsenal, and this is very disturbing for the enemy. A conclusion about this can be drawn from the publications of the Ukrainian press, which cites the comments of the Ukrainian military on the modernization of Russian missiles.According to the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the modernized Russian Kh-32 missile has become longer-range and more accurate. This missile is a version of the Kh-22 that entered service in 2015. The range of the missile has been increased.

But then, according to the Ukrainian military, the necessary work was carried out to increase the accuracy of the Kh-32, which is much higher than that of the Kh-22.

The question is how many were made. But the fact that they have already been used, that’s for sure.
– said the official representative of the command of the air forces of Ukraine, Colonel Yuriy Ignat.

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine previously reported that the X-32 missile strikes at a distance of up to 1000 kilometers and develops a speed of 4-4.5 thousand km / h. Recently, the GUR noted, Russia has modernized its Kh-22 missiles almost to the level of Kh-32 missiles. The Onyx missiles, which have recently been used by the Russian Armed Forces to strike military targets in Odessa and its environs, including warehouses with Western weapons, have also been modernized.

Higher accuracy allows the RF Armed Forces to inflict well-aimed strikes precisely on those objects that need to be hit to inflict damage on personnel, military equipment, weapons and accumulations of ammunition of the enemy forces. Also, high accuracy practically excludes the defeat of civilian objects in the process of massive attacks, so the vast majority of the destruction of residential buildings and social infrastructure in Ukrainian cities is a consequence of the work of the Ukrainian air defense itself.

Source : topwar