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Indonesian Embassy in Bogota Forms Friend of Indonesia in Colombia

The Indonesian Embassy in Bogotá inaugurated Amigos de Indonesia or Friends of Indonesia in Colombia on September 30, 2023. Friends of Indonesia is a community of Indonesian diaspora in Colombia that actively promotes and introduces Indonesian culture in the country. 

The inauguration of the community was held at the Colegio Nuestra Señora De Nazareth in Bogotá. The rector, Sra. Erico Carillo Gonzales expressed his appreciation toward the Indonesian Embassy for the friendship and cooperation which resulted in Indonesian dance training for teachers at Colegio Nuestra Señora De Nazareth in Bogotá. Additionally, the embassy also supported the extracurricular addition of a popular sport in Indonesia, badminton, at the school. 

The start of the inauguration was marked by a playback of Indonesia Ray at the witness of thousands of people.

Indonesian Ambassador for Colombia Tatang Razak mentioned that strong people-to-people contact is one of the main objectives of the Indonesian Embassy’s mission in Bogotá. The mission was realized by opening Casa de Indonesia, an Indonesian Culture Center that taught Indonesian cultures and arts such as languages, dance, and even batik training.

“Continuing the effort, and seeing as more parties are interested in collaborating with the Indonesian Embassy in Bogotá, a platform is deemed necessary, and with that, we form ‘Amigos de Indonesia,” Ambassador Tatang.