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Colombia Reveals Major Social Infra P3 Pipeline

Colombia’s National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) has announced a new strategy with over a dozen social and sanitation P3 projects.

Included in the pipeline are five “highly complex” hospital projects, three university developments, two schools bundles, and three water and sanitation projects.

The move marks a major turn in the country, which has enjoyed a highly successful track record of transportation P3 projects, including the 3G/4G highway concessions and the flagship Bogota metro P3.

As part of the plan, ANI will be the single agency that carries out the infrastructure projects.

“P3s are a successful solution to respond to the infrastructure needs of the regions, which keep them away from poverty,” said William Camargo Triana, Minister of Transportation. “The country today has a favorable environment and expertise for the development of projects with private participation, who will receive incentives to finish the works sooner and begin operating.”

Source: Partnerships Bulletin