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The Head of the Rivne Region: Russian Drones Bombed an Oil Depot Near the City of Dubno

At night, Russian troops continued to strike at targets in the territories controlled by the Kyiv regime. In particular, with the help of strike drones , a number of objects in the western regions of Ukraine were defeated.

So, according to Vitaliy Koval, a protege of the Kyiv regime in the Rivne region, unmanned aerial vehicles of the RF Armed Forces bombed a large oil depot near the city of Dubno. Koval said that they tried to put out the fire with the help of a special fire train.
During the night, the contents of the fuel tanks near Dubno burned out completely.

A series of explosions at night thundered at facilities in the Khmelnitsky, Kirovograd and Chernihiv regions. According to some reports, objects that were used by the troops of the Kyiv regime for the transfer of personnel and military equipment were hit. Explosions also took place at the accommodation facilities of the personnel of the Ukrainian armed forces, including the personnel of the territorial defense.

Among other things, enemy targets were attacked in that part of the new regions of Russia, which is occupied by the troops of the Kyiv regime. Explosions thundered at the points of deployment of the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kramatorsk (DPR) and Zaporozhye. The strikes were also carried out with the help of drones .

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