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Self-discovery trips in Chile: 5 experiences to find yourself

Going through nature is not only a way to get to know the world, looking at the stars several times, walking through forests, or being amazed at a breathtaking mountain, we can find the answers that we were looking for about ourselves. In Chile travel, we want to recommend you 5 perfect places and experiences for soul searching in Chile.

Valle de Elqui in the north

Many people who have visited Chile have gone to the Valle de Elqui. If you have not come yet or if you are here and have still not been, do not miss this opportunity. This valley is one of the most important in the country, renowned as the first International Dark Sky Sanctuary in the world. If you are the kind of person who feels enchanted by the stars, then you must go to this place where you can appreciate a view of the stars from which is unique in the world.

Through horseback rides, trails of different difficulties, and different excursions that you can do by bicycle, you also have everything that is necessary to discover nature in this area. After moving around nature during the day, you can visit one of the many observatories to have a close view of the stars. At the end of the day, you can stay at one of the Elqui domes and enjoy one of the best Syrah and Carmenére in the world, originating from this area.

In the Central South Macrozone: Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

The most isolated inhabited place at sea in the whole world, Rapa Nui island is a truly unique place on the planet to go to find yourself. On this island, in the middle of the ocean, you can explore volcanoes and prairies, and even, if you feel the call of the sea, you can dive into one of the most fantastic places in Chile to see the moai submerged under the sea surface of the island, definitely one of the most legendary places that you will see in your life.

Move around the island galloping, by boat, or walking along the trails. You can choose the way you want to discover this magical land in the middle of the sea. Exploring Rapa Nui, you will be able to see wonders of nature such as the crater of Rano Kau, one of the most special views of the world in the middle of the ocean, or the crater of the Rano Raraku with the breathtaking views that surround it. If what you are looking for is more related to ancient cultures, then your visit to moais, the silent witnesses of the world, must be on your exploration trip.

Southern Macrozone, Lakes, Forests, and Rivers

This area joins some of the most picturesque cities of Chile such as ConcepciónValdiviaPucón, and Puerto Varas, which makes it one of the most beautiful places to visit in our country during the summer. Moreover, each one of the cities can be your resting place or the starting place for the different adventures that the south has to offer.

If you feel at home in the forest, the sound of the river calms you, and the lakes give you peace, then here you can find all the necessary landscapes to give calm to your heart and find yourself. Travel through the Arauco territory and connect with the ancestral Mapuche worldview, observe the araucarias inside the Nahuelbuta National Park, find peace in the crystalline waters of the Lago Ranco, be amazed by the Huilo Huilo waterfalls in the surroundings of Panguipulli, or explore the surroundings of the Lago Llanquihue to enchant yourself inside the huge forests and lakes.

If the experience of rivers, waterfalls, and lakes has not yet taken you where you want to go to get to know yourself, then try forest bathing. This practice originated in Japan will allow you to get the most out of the trees, infecting you with their vitality and microorganisms to recover your energy while enjoying a powerful connection with the environment.

Austral Macrozone, a road full of landscapes

Carretera Austral is one of those trips that all the people who have been there remembered with love and mention it several times as a turning point in their lives. This well-known route, visited by Chileans as well as foreigners, takes you across different landscapes in the southern part of our country, through snow-covered mountains, giant glaciers, and lakes surrounded by one of the wildest vegetation in our country and possibly in the world.

In addition, being one of those trips that movies are based on, on the trip through Carretera Austral you will find the opportunity to visit some of the most magical places in the world. The Queulat National Park, home of the enchanted forests and the hanging snowdrift is a clear example of this. Furthermore, the town of Caleta Tortel is one of the most special places in the world located in a really fantastic environment.

If you just have some days for your adventure, do not worry, here you have an itinerary that will allow you to reduce several of the most transformative experiences in the whole area in just 5 days.

Thus, we are at the end of our trip, from the desert to huge glaciers going through forests and mountains, Chile has everything you need to connect with nature and find yourself.

Chilean Antarctic in the extreme south

For the most extreme travelers, who are ready to face the adversity of the climate, the distance, and the cost of having this discovery adventure to some of the most remote places in the world, the Chilean Antarctic is an incredible option. With an area of 1,250,257 km2 here you can find a challenge of inhospitable and white vastness lands.

Find the largest animal in the world in its waters, visit an island that does not freeze in the middle of the Antarctic with a volcano in its center, and get to know the churches that are still on Isla King George and Villa de las Estrellas. Whale sighting, Isla Decepción, and the Full Days are all incredible ways to know this corner of the world, just available for the fearless. If the challenge of unexplored and inhospitable places is the best way to get to know yourself, this is an adventure that you cannot miss.