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Kirk Cousins purchases golf course, is living his best life

Oh, how the times have changed.

Just a few months ago, things were pretty rocky for Kirk Cousins and his future in Minnesota. The 30-something was coming off of a disappointing season, facing quite a bit of naysaying. Yes, his stats were fine, but it seemingly became a fact that you couldn’t truly win with Cousins as a team leader. Trade ideas were being tossed out there as were accusations that he was drastically overpaid.

Well … now the Vikings are 7-1 and heading into a big-time matchup against the Buffalo Bills. Cousins is at the center of the good vibes, playing some of the best football of his career and going viral with his recent post-game celebration that included some shirtless plane dancing.

He even made Adam Schefter look like he was going insane on national television.

Now that’s good and all, but you know what would make this run for the ages even better? Purchasing a golf course.

Kirk Cousins and his wife Julie recently did just that as they bought Saugatuck’s Clearbrook Golf Course in Michigan. There aren’t any concrete plans to change anything. They just wanted to be involved, and we love to hear that.

“Our family recently purchased the Clearbrook Golf Course from our friends and longtime owners, Jim and Candy Jeltema,” Kirk and Julie wrote in a letter to the community. “They have managed the course for many years, making Clearbrook a place of connection and fun for our entire community.”

They went on to say that they didn’t want to see the course turned into “a housing development or summer rental community” and that they simply hope to maintain “the life of a golf course that has been in place since 1926.”

This is yet another victory for Kirk Cousins in a banner year.

Source: Golfdigest