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Dengue Fever Crisis Forces Peru Minister to Resign

Peru’s health minister, Rosa Gutiérrez, has resigned as the country struggles to control a dengue fever outbreak.

Dengue fever is an infection spread by mosquitoes, most common in tropical and subtropical climates.

The outbreak has caused record-breaking deaths and infections, with at least 248 dead and reported cases surpassing 146,000.

Under pressure over her handling of the crisis, Ms Gutiérrez announced her decision to stand down on Thursday.

Lawmakers had summoned Ms Gutiérrez to face a motion to remove her from her post, but she resigned beforehand.

She had previously claimed that the virus would be contained within 15 days, Peruvian media reported.

In a post on Twitter, President Dina Boluarte accepted her minister’s departure, vowing to “redouble” efforts to improve public health.

Cyclone Yaku bought torrential rain to the country’s north in April and May, leading to a huge upsurge in numbers of mosquitoes, which carry the disease.

Officials fear the situation will worsen when the El Niño climate phenomenon brings further heavy precipitation later in the year.

Last week, President Boluarte declared a state of emergency to cover most regions across the country, although most of the fatalities have occurred in the north.

Symptoms of dengue include a high fever, severe headaches, swollen glands and rashes.

Source : BBC