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Argentina – Canada, In The Basketball World Cup Qualifying Round: What Must Happen To Qualify?

Pablo Prigioni, Coach Of The Basketball Team, In A Practice In Mar Del Plata, Together With Team Captain, Symbol And Figure Facundo Campazo.

Pablo Prigioni, coach of the basketball team, in a practice in Mar del Plata, together with team captain, symbol and figure Facundo Campazo.

Mar del Plata.- It won’t be easy, but you have what it takes. history tells that Argentina national basketball team You should have no problem accessing WorldBut There is a possibility that he will not play the World Cup this year, It will be decided this week. Maybe this Thursday, maybe Sunday. it happens The team hasn’t come this close to defining a tie in a long time, And the only absence was in 18 World Cup events a little more than 40 years ago.

In silver seaThe land of basketball lovers, led the team pablo prigioni will try in the last window of american classification Access the World Cup to be played from 25 August to 10 September Philippines, Japan and IndonesiaCanada The first opponent will be ThursdayFrom 9:40 p.m.and will conclude on the following Sunday, before DominicanFrom 9:10 p.m., also with television at the Islas Malvinas Sports Center tyc sports,

Patricio Garino, Juan Pablo Vallet, Tayvek Galizi And Others Are Available For This Window Of Tie For Philippines-Indonesia-Japan 2023.

Patricio Garino, Juan Pablo Vallet, Tayvek Galizi and others are available for this window of tie for Philippines-Indonesia-Japan 2023.

In the difficult move of the national group, the odds are more favorable than unfavorable, comes to canada classifiedwhy with a weaker than usual squadbut the Dominican is a direct rival for class, Most of the players of both play in European leagues. The most prominent cases are Canadian brothers Philippe and Thomas Scrubb, from Obradoiro, a club in the Spanish Liga ACB.

Of course, Argentina has good material. America’s champion will suffer Absence of Gabriel Dake and Nicolas Laprovitola -Impressed Real Madrid and Barcelona-, but Facundo will feature Campazowho does not play in the Euroleague at Red Star, and leandro bolmaro, who was unimpressed with the Utah Jazz in the NBA and is looking for a club on the old continent. Another point in favor: Strong home team, in both games.

The national team was not present in one of the 18 World Cups in history: Colombia 1982, for which it did not agree to finish third in South American behind Uruguay and Brazil. Other than that, he had no major problems in the run-up to the World Cup, although he had some uncertainty in two well-remembered fixtures.

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The first of these was in 1997, which gave way to the 1998 World Cup in Greece. Argentina finished in a four-way tie with Cuba, Canada and Venezuela, but qualified on goal difference. The other tough occasion was FIBA ​​Americas Caracas 2013, when Luis Scola had to be the hero against Canada for Argentina to finish in the top four and be part of Spain 2014.

Campazo In Action In Argentina'S 99–87 Defeat To Canada On 25 August, A Game They Lost Far More;  Now The North American Team, Already Qualified To Play In The World Cup, Has One Less Team To Play In Mar Del Plata.

Campazo in action in Argentina’s 99–87 defeat to Canada on 25 August, a game they lost far more; Now the North American team, already qualified to play in the World Cup, has one less team to play in Mar del Plata.

But the focus is on what will happen in Mar del Plata these days, which will not be easy at all. There will be seven countries that qualify for the World Cup on the American continent. This second round of tie consists of two groups of six teams. The first three and best fourth from each zone will enter Philippines–Japan–Indonesia. Therefore, Argentina, which is in Group E, should keep an eye on what happens with F.

The selection is currently the best of two quartersWho? 17 points, 7 wins and 3 lossesLike Dominican Republic and Venezuela but with worse balance of goals. If he wins both the matches, he will advance to the World Cup., without depending on other results. If that happens, they will beat the Dominicans this Thursday despite having already defeated Panama.

Andres Feliz, Point Guard For The Dominican National Team, Which Will Wrap Up Sunday'S Tie At The Islas Malvinas Sports Center In Argentina.

Andres Feliz, point guard for the Dominican national team, which will wrap up Sunday’s tie at the Islas Malvinas Sports Center in Argentina. – Credit: @Twitter Dominican Republic Basketball Team

On the other hand, if Argentina Teams from other zones will participate if only one match is won out of which Brazil Add 17 units why Puerto Rico why Mexico Accumulate 17 Everyone. But even then, Albicelestes would be on the fringes of the taxonomy. This will happen if Mexico and/or Puerto Rico do not win their two matches in this window, as Argentina has a win advantage over each of the two countries: 7–3 against 6–4. In addition, it has the advantage of the largest difference in points: +72, +8 for Puerto Rico and -20 for Mexico.

Arguably the biggest difficulty will arise for the Argentine team Decline in both games of this last window. The Dominicans, the rivals, this Sunday, will be impossible to reach, as well as Venezuela, even if they lose their two matches, because in the head-to-head duel – in the first round – the Red Wine team won by 13 points (71- ) won. 58) in Buenos Aires and Albiceleste won as a visitor by 3 units (69–66). In that circumstance, short of two missteps in Mar del Plata, the Prigioni-coached men would need to lose at least one of their two games to either Mexico or Puerto Rico to rank as the best fourth. Therefore, If Argentina falls in both games and Mexico and Puerto Ricans get two wins, Argentina will be left without a World Cup.,

It is difficult but not impossible. The Argentine has a ticket to East Asia in his hands, but he cannot afford a summer excursion, no matter how tempting it is to rest in Mar del Plata.

Sixth window of US qualifying round

Group E

thursday 23

domingo 26

Group F

thursday 23

domingo 26


Only Canada Is Classified For The World Cup In Group E Composed Of The Argentina Basketball Team.

Only Canada is classified for the World Cup in Group E composed of the Argentina basketball team – Credits: @ Morini, Diego (Sports)

Nothing Is Still Resolved In Group F, But The United States Dominate The Scene

Nothing is still resolved in Group F, but the United States dominate the scene

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