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Ministry of Defense: Armed Forces of Ukraine Are Advancing on Melitopol and Berdyansk. New Lands Liberated in a Week

The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue their offensive in the direction of Melitopol and Berdyansk, new territories have been liberated in a week. This was announced by Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar .

According to her, since the beginning of the offensive in the southern direction, Ukrainian soldiers have liberated more than 192 square kilometers of territory.

She noted that over the past week, the Defense Forces have liberated more than 12 square kilometers of land.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue the offensive operation in several directions towards Melitopol and Berdyansk. 

  • The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,  Valery Zaluzhny,  in an interview with WP, said that  the Ukrainian offensive is not a show , during it every reclaimed meter of land is given in blood.
  • American General Milley said that  the UAF offensive is “far from failure”  despite the fact that it is going “slower” than expected.
  • CIA:  The offensive of Ukraine can become  successful, in the defense of the Russian Federation there are important structural problems.

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