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At Least 3,500 “Wagnerites” Are Already in Belarus – Gayun

There are already at least 3,500 “Wagnerites” in Belarus. Such data are provided by the monitoring public “Belarusian Guyun”.

Its authors calculated this based on the number of vehicles that arrived – since July 11, at least 10 organized columns of PMCs have arrived on the territory of the Republic of Belarus , which numbered 670-700 vehicles.

The armed forces of Belarus are conducting joint training with “Wagnerites” near the border with Poland. In response,  Poland moved troops to the border with Belarus .

Meanwhile, Andriy Demchenko, the speaker of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, said that  there are already 5,000 “Wagnerites” in Belarus . At the same time, he said that such a number does not pose a direct threat to Ukraine, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine must be ready for any situation, including “to prevent provocations at the border.”

The day before, Lukashenko said that the “Wagnerites” want to “go on an excursion to Poland .  

We analyzed this situation in more detail in a separate article .

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Source : CTPAHA.UA