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The Media Reported a Four-Hour Raid by Russian Drones on Ukrainian Ports

Ukrainian media presented details of the attack by drones of the Russian Armed Forces on the Danube ports. Southern defense forces reported hits on port infrastructure.

“The Shahid raid lasted four and a half hours,” writes the Strana publication.

It is known that non-residential buildings were damaged. In addition, a fire was recorded in the truck parking lot. There are wounded and hospitalized.

Before this, it became known that Russian “Geraniums” were approaching Izmail , Reni, Kiliya, Shevchenkovo ​​and Primorsky from the sea. Explosions occurred in the Odessa region.

Earlier, the Ukrainian Armed Forces attempted an attack on Sevastopol . As a result of the incident, a fire broke out at a civilian facility in the Kilen-balka area.

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Source : rambler