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The Czech Republic Announced That It Will Not Extradite Draft Dodgers to Ukraine

The Czech Republic will not extradite draft dodgers to Ukraine in accordance with the European convention, which excludes extradition for war crimes – evasion of military service, desertion, disobedience to an order.

This was stated by official representative of the country’s Ministry of Justice Vladimir Repka, reports the local publication Idnes.

Although there may be some exceptions.

“However, in a particular case, this will not depend on legal qualifications, but on the actual behavior for which the Ukrainian judicial authorities will ultimately file a request for the extradition of a particular person,” Repka said.

It was previously reported that  Austria will not extradite Ukrainian men of military age if Ukraine makes such a request. “This would be a massive attack on our statehood, we would never do this,” the ministry said.

The war in Ukraine is already on its 567th day. We follow the latest news and key events on September 13, 2023 online .

Earlier we summed up the results of the previous day. The General Staff declares the success of the Ukrainian Armed Forces south and southeast of Rabotino. In the Vremyevsky sector, fighting continues on the approaches to Novomayorsky and Novodonetsky. There are also reports of enemy counterattacks near Staromayorsky, which was returned to the Ukrainian Armed Forces in August.

Source : strana