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Romania is Building Concrete Bomb Shelters Near the Border With Ukraine

Romania is building concrete bomb shelters near the border with Ukraine. This was reported by the AFP agency

After the wreckage of a Russian drone was discovered on the territory of Romania, the country’s authorities began to build two concrete bomb shelters that can be used by residents of the Romanian border regions.

Romania’s Ministry of Defense said about 50 Romanian soldiers began construction of shelters on Tuesday.

They are intended to protect residents of the Plauru region, where debris from a Russian drone was allegedly discovered. This area borders the Ukrainian city of Izmail, Odessa region.

No matter how paradoxical it may sound, the fact that the Romanians are building bomb shelters, first of all, does not bode well for Ukrainian ports. Informed people in Romania know well that these ports will be razed to the ground.

Source : donpress