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Russia warns Greece against S-300 missile supplies to Ukraine


Russia on Thursday warned Greece against supplying Ukraine with Russian-made S-300 air defense missile systems, urging Athens to drop such “provocative” plans.

Speaking at a press briefing in Moscow, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the transfer of the S-300 systems to Kyiv would be “a gross violation” of the Russian-Greek intergovernmental agreements on military-technical cooperation and supply of military products.

“The violation of contractual obligations will inevitably have consequences, not to mention the weakening of Greece’s defense capability in the field of air defense,” she warned.

Zakharova added that Athens also demonstrates “complete indifference” to international restrictions, prohibiting arms export to the regions where it may lead to a violation of international humanitarian law and contribute to the aggravation of the conflict.

“Before it’s too late – it’s like advice – you can abandon dangerous plans. Once again, we warn the Greek leadership about responsibility,” she said.

Commenting on Ukraine’s claims about Russia’s purchase of 250 drones from Iran, Zakharova said “such insinuations are lies, an attempt to spread ungrounded statements.”

“The position on this issue has been repeatedly brought to the UN Security Council, including at a meeting on Dec. 19, which was devoted to the implementation of the UN Security Council Resolution 2231.

“There have been no deliveries in violation of this resolution between Iran and Russia, and we call on all other countries to take an equally responsible approach to their international obligations,” she said.

– Africa attack injuring Russian official

Turning to an alleged terror attack in the Central African Republic (CAR) last Friday, which left a Russian representative severely wounded, Zakharova said the investigation is ongoing.

With a link to the CAR police, Zakharova said the package containing an explosive device was delivered by an international postal company, DHL, and several company employees were detained after the incident.

“We are following the investigation as we always do. We strongly condemn any terrorist acts wherever such heinous atrocities are committed,” she stressed.

Zakharova said Moscow expects “a thorough investigation” by the CAR competent bodies, and punishment to “authors” of the committed crime.

“I would like to note that if the efforts of Western countries, including France, in the Central African Republic had not artificially created a negative, sometimes hysterical, toxic atmosphere around Russian representatives, specialists who carry out their activities in the country exclusively at the invitation of the official authorities of the Central African Republic, then such incidents might have been avoided,” she stressed.

The spokeswoman urged the French authorities to think about the possible consequences of “sometimes irresponsible activities and words.”

“We really hope and expect that Paris will express words of sympathy, regret and condemnation in connection with the terrorist attack, since the topic of Russia in Africa has been of such interest to them lately,” she said.

Source : Anadolu Agency