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Canadians Still Flocking To Los Cabos Despite Recent Conflict Elsewhere In Mexico

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The last week was certainly a difficult one for safety in Mexico in general, particularly in the state of Sinaloa, where flights were to and from certain airports across the country. Canadians heading from Vancouver to the Mexican resort town of Mazatlan had their January 5th flight canceled. All of the travelers that had booked their flights through Travel Best Bets in Vancouver, a Canadian travel agency, were given the option to reschedule their trip or choose another Mexican destination.

Many of those affected by the cancellations at the Mazatlan airport took the opportunity to change their destination to Los Cabos. Furthermore, inquiries over potential travel to Mexico by Canadian tourists has not decreased despite the obvious negative publicity caused by the violent incidents that took place at the beginning of the year. Canadian travel agencies, though, are making an effort to help travelers take the necessary steps to ensure that they are safe throughout their Mexico getaway.

Steps That Canadian Tourists Can Take To Stay Safe While In Los Cabos

There are obvious steps that travelers can take in any destination to ensure that they remain as safe as possible. While in Los Cabos or any other Mexican beach town, it’s a good idea not to frequent non-tourist areas at night. In Cabo San Lucas, the marina area is one of the most heavily guarded spots in the region. That area is virtually safe at all hours. When it comes to San Jose del Cabo, the main city center is well-lit and guarded by local authorities as well.

Steps that specifically Canadian travelers can take to ensure their safety include registering their trips with the Canadian foreign service. It’s a simple process that can be done online where travelers are asked to provide their contact information as well as emergency contacts that they would like to be reached if anything happens to them while they are abroad.

Registering with Canadian foreign services before or during their trips allows travelers to have a direct line with the government. Tourists will be contacted in case of an emergency due to a natural disaster. When a travel warning is issued near their vacation spot, as was the case on January 5th, Canadian foreign services will also make an effort to reach out to these travelers. That direct line with the government that we previously referenced makes it easier to get assistance from Canadian foreign services in any type of emergency.

There’s also an app that’s run by the Canadian government called Travel Smart. This app provides travelers with up-to-the-minute information coming from the foreign service. Any travel advisories that are issued to different countries across the globe will be forwarded through the app to tourists who install it. 

Why Los Cabos May Be The Safest Mexico Destination   

Claire Newell, president of the aforementioned travel agency Travel Best Bets in Vancouver, mentioned that Canadian tourists mostly feel safe in Mexico. She even referenced an instance that took place last week with Canadian tourists in Mazatlan. Newell mentioned, “It really depends on their location. We had three agents who were with our clients last week in the beach area. They were unaware of the violence that took place until we called them to inquire about their safety,”

Speaking of location, one of the main benefits that Los Cabos offers is its literal isolation from the rest of Mexico. Recent incidents north of Los Cabos near the U.S.-Mexico border can serve as a reminder of just how isolated Los Cabos is. It’s 1,659 kilometers from Tijuana to Los Cabos, or a 22-hour drive. Even La Paz, the nearest big city within the state, is a 2-and-a-half-hour drive from Cabo. This gives local authorities the chance to just worry about security within the region without necessarily being concerned about violence in other parts of Mexico reaching Cabo.

Source : The Cabo Sun