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Battleface and CELITECH Partner to Enhance Travel Safety With eSIM Technology

In a significant move to revolutionise travel safety and connectivity, leading travel insurance provider battleface has announced a strategic partnership with CELITECH, a front-runner in delivering advanced telecommunications services. The collaboration aims to integrate CELITECH’s eSIM technology into battleface’s post-purchase experience, offering a range of benefits that could be a game-changer for travellers’ security and wellbeing.

Customers of battleface can now easily install the eSIM within their mobile devices through remote QR code activation. This enables them to gain access to mobile internet services globally, irrespective of their physical SIM card’s availability. “Teaming up with CELITECH allows us to give battleface policy holders access to mobile data, right at the moment when they might be needing it the most. It removes the hassle and complication of finding and installing a physical SIM card when arriving in a foreign country,” said Katie Crowe, Global Head of Communications at battleface.

The integration of eSIM technology empowers individuals and businesses to stay connected, particularly in emergency situations. eSIMs not only allow travellers to use all their mobile apps but also grant access to vital on-the-go information while saving up to 80% on mobile data roaming. This is especially beneficial for those needing real-time updates during crises, such as natural disasters or travel advisories.

Crowe continued, “Access to on-the-go connectivity is particularly important during a medical emergency or crisis, providing real-time information on safety alerts, medical facilities and local services.” The technology comes as an essential tool to make informed decisions during unforeseen circumstances.

On the other side of this partnership, CELITECH also expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration. “We are excited to collaborate with battleface to offer their customers on-the-go premium connectivity,” stated AL Fares, CEO at CELITECH. He added, “The integration of eSIM technology from our cloud platform empowers users to activate cellular plans seamlessly, enhancing their overall experience and ensuring they are always connected wherever they go.”

The partnership between battleface and CELITECH illustrates how technological innovation can significantly enhance traveller safety and convenience. By leveraging eSIM technology, the collaboration is set to redefine the travel landscape, adding an extra layer of security and connectivity that was hitherto unavailable or complicated to access.

This move could serve as a template for future collaborations between insurance providers and tech companies, proving that when it comes to travel safety, innovation is the key. With the global reach of both companies, travellers can now breathe a little easier, knowing that staying connected—even in the most dire of situations—has become a lot more straightforward.

Source: IT Brief