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Netflix Announces Upcoming Argentine Series and Films

Netflix’s upcoming Argentine productions were announced today at the platform’s Made in Argentina event at the Centro Cultural Kirchner, with guests that included the Culture Minister Tristán Bauer and his Buenos Aires City counterpart Enrique Avogadro.

“Argentina’s creative ecosystem is extraordinary and we are convinced that our commitment will be yet another force for this growing industry,” said Francisco Ramos, Netflix’s vice president of content for Latin America, who mentioned the platform quickly realized the importance of having local content in the catalog in order to have a more engaged Argentine audience. 

The economic impact of the audiovisual industry in Argentina was also the subject of a survey presented at the event, commissioned by Netflix and developed by Deloitte LP with the support of the Inter-American Development Bank. 

According to the study, more than two-thirds of spending for films or series made in Argentina are reinvested in other sectors, such as hotel accommodation and transport. 

Netflix also emphasized that every AR$ 10 million invested directly in the audiovisual result in an additional 19 million. According to the survey, this multiplying effect is higher in Argentina than in any other Latin American country. In 2021, the industry produced more than 406 billion pesos in profits, employing more than 90,000 people. 

“Telling local stories is very important for Netflix, and few countries have an audiovisual industry like Argentina,” said Ramos.

“That’s why we are here, and that’s why we’ll stay”.

New shows and films

Netflix’s new original series include Atrapados, a six-episode show based on Harlan Coben’s mystery thriller Caught, directed by Miguel Cohen and produced by Haddock Film as well as a limited series that will adapt Claudia Piñeiro’s novels Tuya and El tiempo de las moscas

The new series join the recently-premiered second season of Marcelo Piñeyro’s The Kingdom and the upcoming El amor después del amor, based on the life of Argentine rock star Fito Páez, which premieres on April 26. 

As for films, Netflix will co-produce Descansar en paz with Ricardo Darin’s production company, Kenya Films. Based on a novel by Martín Baintrub, the film will be directed by Sebastián Borenzstein and starred by Joaquin Furriel, Griselda Siciliani and Gabriel Goity, The story focuses on a family man drowned in debt that uses an unusual chance to disappear. Shooting reportedly started last Friday in Paraguay.

Netflix is also producing Hermanas fantásticas in partnership with Patagonik. It’s a comedy directed by Fabiana Tiscornia and written by Mariano Vera about two sisters who didn’t know each other before finding a huge amount of money hidden in their late father’s apartment. 

A project with filmmaker Diego Lerman (The Substitute) is also in the works, while the platform has recently wrapped the filming of yet another Claudia Piñeiro adaptation, Elena Knows, directed by Anahí Berneri.

Then there is new licensed content that will be added to its catalog after their theatrical release — Santiago Giralt’s Norma, and Azul Lombardía’s Desatadas, starring Carla Peterson and Julieta Díaz. Also coming to the platform are most of the Argentine filmmaker Pablo Trapero’s films as remastered versions, including El BonaerenseWhite Elephant, CaranchoLion’s DenBorn and BredRolling Family, and Crane World.

Source : Buenos Aires Herald