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Next James Bond shock: Bridgeton star jumps on Idris Elba for the role of 007 

james Bond (credit: Twitter/jamesbond)

Over the past year, talks have turned to the actor who will take on the long-running role of Daniel Craig for James Bond after No Time To Die. The official announcement is likely to come in the next 12 months – but until then, the odds are all we have to do with it.

Bond’s ever-changing prospects have included a number of top actors, including Idris Elba, who has been in second place over the past few weeks.

But he just got his place by one of the UK’s most exciting and popular actors from Bridgerton.

Elba currently has 4/1 Ladbrokes odds.

These are incredible odds to claim the 007 role, especially given that the top-ranked leader is only a few steps away from that.

Elba is best known for playing the tough guy in films such as The Suicide Squad, Beast and the BBC detective drama Luther. But this week he has put him in a vulnerable position.

Reggie Jean Paige has now completely outgrown him, leaving his chances in the dust.

Page is best known for playing the Duke of Hastings, Simon Bassett, in the Netflix period drama.

The British-Zimbabwean mega-actor Ladbrokes has had his odds lowered in recent days, putting him in a position for the first time in months.

Page odds are now 7/2 – down from just 9/2 last week.

This change in odds means he jumped right above Elba, which is sitting at the aforementioned 1/4.

Ladbrokes’ Alex Abate said: “The latest news is that it’s still Henry Cavill’s turn to lose, but Regé-Jean Page has been there or about to for some time now in his Bond bet and is starting to close the gap on the favorite again.”

However, anything can happen in this exciting race to the tuxedo.

And elsewhere in the bet, there’s a real threat to everyone: Tom Hardy.

The Venom star has been a favorite of the British public for several months, especially considering the rumors swirling in 2020 that he was actually filmed behind the scenes.

Hardy got 5/1 when he became Bond.

But he himself admitted that he would not talk about the role publicly.

Hardy recently remarked that if he talked about the role, it would be gone.

Despite this, his odds seem to be increasing, so he might be able to defeat Paige, Elba, and Cavill before the end of the year.

Source : ENEWS