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Co-chairmanship of Kazakhstan of the Bologna Process – meetings in Astana

On occasion of the co-chairmanship by Kazakhstan of the Bologna Process, the Bologna Board meeting took place in Astana on the 5 October 2022.

The meeting served to take stock of the progress in the implementation of the European Higher Education Area, in preparation of the upcoming BFUG meeting, to be held on the 7 and 8 November 2022 in Brno. Mr Kuanysh Yergalieyev, the Vice – Minister of Science and Higher Education, presented the current developments in the Central Asian Higher Education Area.

On the 6 October 2022, the Kazakh authorities held a round table on the ‘Prospects of the Central Asian Higher Education Area’, followed by the University Rectors’ Conference, presided by Mr Sayasat Nurbek, the Minister of Science and Higher Education of Kazakhstan.

The participants welcomed the progress achieved in the development of the Central Asian Higher Education Area, focused on mutual recognition of qualifications, development of unified approaches to ensuring the quality of higher education based on the European Standards and Guidelines.

At the Conference, Ms Katia Dolgova-Dreyer, Co-Secretary to the Lisbon Recognition Convention, presented the latest developments in the recognition field, as well as in the Council of Europe Education Programme.