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Argentine Army Buys RMF-200V Tactical Radars from INVAP

INVAP was selected by the Argentine Army to supply three RMF-200V tactical air defense radars, which will be mounted on all-terrain vehicles.

By means of Administrative Decision 1330/2022, the Argentine Ministry of Defense approved the Interadministrative Direct Contract N° 84/77-0172-CDI22 for the “ACQUISITION OF A TACTICAL AIR DEFENSE RADAR SYSTEM”, subscribed on November 28, 2022.

The cost of the contract for the development, supply of three RMF-200V radars and a maintenance kit, will cost US$21,790,000, which will be paid through the National Defense Fund (FONDEF).

The contract has a term of 42 months, starting on the first working day following the date on which the initial payment is made. INVAP will be in charge of the integral maintenance of the three radars during the first two years of service. The potential capacity to negotiate the incorporation of communication elements and spare parts, together with an automatic target classification system, was established.

RMF-200V Tactical Air Defense Radar

According to information provided by INVAP, the RMF-200V is a multi-mission / multi-function 3D AESA 3D short-range air defense radar with a compact and lightweight design based on state-of-the-art technology.

With a detection range of up to 200 km and more than 70 degrees of elevation coverage, it scans the entire volume in less than a second, detecting and tracking all types of targets (up to 600 targets simultaneously), including very low speed threats such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

In the Argentine Army, the characteristics of the RMF-200V make it ideal for configuring a light air defense battery, in association with the recently acquired SAAB RBS-70 missiles. Its low volume and weight, which allows it to be installed on a light all-terrain vehicle, also gives it the capacity to be quickly deployed to areas that, due to their orography, generate a “gap” in the coverage of air defense radars of higher capacities.

In the last few years, INVAP has become the main supplier of radar systems for the Argentine Armed Forces, a situation that accelerated after the implementation of FONDEF.

Source : Aviaci Online