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Peru Travel Guide 

A treasure trove of both well-known and hidden gems to discover, Peru is one of our favorite stops in South America. 

The first thing that comes to mind for most with Peru is Machu Picchu, and while the incredible ancient nature site lives up to the hype around it, many other worthy areas are a must-see.

Plane travel is the most efficient way of getting between cities in Peru, as there is a well-established network of domestic flights in the country. Lima serves as the hub in which most international flights land, so it is fairly easy to fly in and out of the capital. 

If you want a more budget-friendly, scenic way to travel through Peru then buses and trains are your two main options. The journey might be longer, but if you have the time to spare, we recommend this as a good way to see the ‘in between’ of Peru between your origin and destination. 

Within cities, you can explore the area on foot to take in the sights and atmosphere. If you need to travel a longer distance, buses, and taxis are readily available in busy cities.

Important Things to Know


The currency of Peru is the Sol. 

National Languages

The national language of Peru is Spanish. 

Climate and Weather

In Peru, various regions have differing climates. 

The north section of Peru has hot, dry summers and mild winters with very light and occasional rainfall. 

Lima, the capital city, has mild winters and hot summers. This area experiences little to no rainfall in the year. 

The eastern region, where the Amazon is predominantly situated, has hot and summery weather throughout the year. Because it is a tropical area, it is also constantly rainy. 

The highlands experience hot, dry summers and very wet winters. 

Source : Travel Pulse