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Chile Travel Guide 

An untouched haven on the western side of South America, Chile is a magnificent destination that leaves travelers in awe of its multitude of diverse natural landmarks. 

From desert to ski mountains, salt flats to volcanoes, and everything in between, Chile is a paradise for those seeking culture and adventure.

The most efficient way to get around Chile is by air travel. The well-connected domestic flight network offers a wide range of flight options to get between cities. We recommend this form of transport for inter-city travel, as Chile is quite a large country and any other transport can take far longer. 

If you do have time to spare and want to opt for a cheaper way of getting around, then the bus system is an alternative option. The bus system is comfortable and runs efficiently, plus the fares are low. 

Within the big cities, you can use buses to get from one place to another. However, we highly recommend traveling on foot when possible, as this is a great way to experience the city. 

Taxis are also regularly available but will be more expensive than other options. 

Important Things to Know


The currency used is the Chilean Peso. 

National Languages

The national language of Chile is Spanish. 

Climate And Weather

Chile has mild weather all year around, getting warmer in summer (average range of 57 – 86°F) and cooler during the winter (average range of 57 – 72°F). 

The wet season is during the colder months, so expect moderate rainfall during this time. 

Time Zone

  • Chile has two different time zones within the country. 
  • The time zone in Continental Chile is referred to as Chile Standard Time CST, which is UTC-03:00. The time zone in Easter Island is called Easter Island Standard Time CLST, which is UTC-05:00

Chile has daylight savings during the summer, when their clocks move forward by one hour. 

Source : Travel Pulse