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Argentina Travel Guide 

A country with pride in its culture and heritage, Argentina is a place that everyone has to experience at some point. 

The gourmet food, busy streets, picturesque buildings, welcoming locals, and spectacular pockets of nature make the South American destination a versatile stop. 

The quickest way to get around to all the major spots in Argentina is by domestic air travel. The flight network is vast, and Buenos Aires serves as the hub of the country. 

If you are looking for a more affordable mode of transport, the bus system is quite popular to get around Argentina. Keep in mind that this will take far longer, but the upside is that you will get to see much of the country on these journeys. 

Within the cities, you can use the bus if you need to travel longer distances, but we think that the best way to see the cities is by getting around on foot. 

Taxis are widely available but will be a pricier option. 

Important Things to Know


The currency of Argentina is the Argentine Peso. 

National Languages

The national language of Argentina is Spanish. 

Climate and Weather

Summer temperatures in Argentina are moderately warm, and this is also when the wet season will fall. Most of the annual rainfall occurs during summer. 

The winters get quite cold, and in some parts, there is even frost and snow. 

Source : Travel Pulse