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5 Best Tourism Villages of South America

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) designated 32 small populations from 18 countries as the best example of preserving the local culture and its high sustainability standards.

“For rural communities everywhere, tourism can be a game-changer in providing jobs, supporting local businesses, and keeping traditions alive,” said UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili.

This cozy town in Argentina preserves culture and nature with unique experiences for its visitors, including kayaking in Los Alerces National Park, a place full of lakes and rivers, such as the spectacular Rio Grande.

white water rafting, argentina, mendoza
Los Alerces National Park, in Argentina, is full of lakes and rivers. (Photo via Photodisc / Image Source). (Photodisc / Image Source)

Also, the place offers excellent sites to practice trekking in the Torrecillas Glacier, navigation by the lakes, and rafting in the Corcovado River. In addition, there are tours of natural wonders, historical sites, and culture, with visits to museums and gastronomic samples, such as its symbolic tea.

Nihue, Chile

Nihue Comuna, in Chile, is famous for the preservation of its culture and the efficient use that its inhabitants make of natural resources. In this magical town, tourists know extraordinary craftsmanship, such as woven in wheat straw, hats, and all colors of textiles.

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Chile has beautiful small towns to enjoy nature and excellent gastronomy. (Photo via Chile Travel). ((photo via Chile Travel))

One of the great attractions of Nihue is the popular festivals, such as Chupalla, which offers visitors all kinds of typical crafts, gastronomy, cultural workshops, samples of agricultural products, and musical presentations. Another important festival is the Harvest, where attendees enjoy making the region’s famous wine in activities which the whole family participates.

Nihue Comuna, in Chile, is ideal for wildlife lovers. (Photo via Chile).

San Vicente de Chucuri, Colombia

This incredible place, located in the Colombian countryside, produces a large amount of cocoa, coffee, forest resources, and tropical fruits and has a vital livestock activity in the mountains of the Yariguíes culture.

San Vicente de Chucuri attracts tourists due to its countless caves, spas, and historical and cultural sites. For nature lovers, the area has the Natural Reserve of Reinita Cielo Azul Birds, created in 2005 to conserve the habitat of the migratory bird Reinita Cerulea. This place is specially designed for bird and mammal watching. There are also countless hiking trails, including observatories and lodging sites for those who want to study birds, other types of animals, and the vast vegetation of the region.

Other highly recommended sites are the Cueva de los Aeroplanos (Cave of the Airplanes), the Miraflores Ecological Natural Park, the Indigenous Petroglyphs, the Pozo de la Calavera (Well of the Skull), the Salto de la India (Indian Waterfall), the Cueva del Diablo (Cave of the Devil), and the Balneario de los Monos (Monkeys Spa), among others.

Choachí, Colombia

This great town was chosen as one of the best in the world for its outstanding natural beauty, which includes springs and large tracts of land for extreme sports and excursions to learn about the history of the ancient indigenous communities.

One of the most iconic places of this population is the Cascada la Chorrera, the largest in Colombia, where tourists enjoy a waterfall of more than 640 yards. In addition, they will also find the Cascada El Chiflón, a unique place for its crystal clear waters.

Experience Colombia
In Choachí, Colombia, tourists learn about the history of the ancient communities. (Collette Vacations)

For those who like hot springs, Páramo Verde is a privileged place to dive into the hot waters and relax in the middle of nature. For adrenaline lovers, Choachí offers excellent areas to practice rappel and canopy, among others. In addition, the population provides perfect places to enjoy its excellent gastronomy, with regional dishes such as the Sagú, famous for its energy and digestive properties.

Aguarico, Ecuador

This tourist destination of great natural and cultural wealth covers two natural areas: the Yasuní National Park and the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve.

Sacha Lodge, Ecuador
In Aguarico, Ecuador, visitors enjoy the Sacha Ñampi, Yacu Warmi, and Iripari Jungle Cam community tourism centers. (Photo via Sacha Lodge). ((photo via Sacha Lodge))

Visitors can visit the Sacha Ñampi, Yacu Warmi, and Iripari Jungle Cam community tourism centers, where tourists know the culture of the millennial villages, which make shows of dance, music, shaman activities, gastronomy, and traditional games. Among the nature experiences, there are tours of the rivers Napo, Yasuní, and Tiputini, among others, where tourists enjoy lakes full of animal species, such as otter, peccary, alligators, and turtles, among other attractions.

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