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Skims just restocked its Swim collection and added more must-have styles

Just in time for the heat wave sweeping the world, comes a major fashion announcement. Skims is restocking its beloved Swim collection on July 27 at 12 p.m. EST. First launched back in March, the line sold out lickety-split, which is usual for the brand. It was a huge success the first go-round not only because it had founder Kim Kardashian’s stamp of approval — she of course modeled the wares in the weeks leading up to the launch, sharing beachy shots with her 326 million Instagram followers — but also because the pieces were high-quality and innovative in that they can be worn in the water, water-side and pre- and post-your pool or beach day.

Priced from $32 to $108 and available sizes XXS to 4X, the latest collection includes 23 different styles that are meant to be mixed and matched, including a slew of the old favorites (Swim T-Shirt!) and 11 new launches (Swim Tube Skirt! A Skims-branded Towel!). And the color palette got a little refresh too, as the pieces now come in a bubblegum pink hue, white and the previous hues of ochre, almond, cocoa, gunmetal and onyx.

What we liked about Skims Swim

For this go-round, myself and two editors tested a bunch of swimwear pieces out and our overarching synopsis was that old adage: Don’t judge a book by its cover. Seriously! The Dipped Tie Bottoms ($32), for example, made one editor more than a little concerned about the lack of coverage. “They aren’t kidding about the dip,” she said. “When I initially saw these bottoms, I thought they seemed way skimpier than something I’d normally wear, but after putting them on, I was pleasantly surprised — the side ties allowed me to adjust for a perfect fit, and while the low-rise is certainly noticeable, I didn’t mind it!”

This editor also gave the Long-Sleeve Shirt ($58) a test drive, saying, “This was the piece that made me go, ‘huh?’ Wearing long sleeves at the pool or beach feels a bit counterintuitive to me, but I can see how it might be nice to be able to go in the water with a bit more sun protection, or maybe play a game of beach volleyball without worrying about flashing a crowd of people.” She added that the shirt wasn’t long enough to suffice as a rash guard, but that its fit was primo. “It looked small to me initially, but again Skims nailed that held-in feeling that’s really rare to find in swimwear.”

Personally, when my Skims Zip-Front Long-Sleeve One-Piece ($98) arrived, it was a bit of a head-scratcher, as I couldn’t quite imagine where I’d be wearing such a full-coverage piece that was also laden with sexy details (the bathing suit can be zipped down to your belly button, has a super high-cut leg and a cheeky rear view). But then I put it on. And while I’m still not sure where I’ll wear this piece — maybe if I get invited on one of Kardashian’s island vacations? — I have to say it not only felt great on my skin, but also looked great. I’m barely 5-foot-4, so the high-cut details lengthened my legs. And when paired with the brand’s Tube Swim Skirt ($54), it created a Bond Girl look that I was definitely floored by. No, it’s not something I’m going to wear to my country club or my friend’s backyard pool, but if I were going somewhere with a scene, like a Miami hotel or a St. Barth’s resort, it would for sure be packed in my suitcase.

What we didn’t like about Skims Swim

Some of the Skims designs might seem “out there” upon first glance. We were sent styles that we wouldn’t normally reach for and we’re initially not sure of where we would wear such bold pieces. But all of us found that once we tried them on, we were pleasantly surprised by how well they fit.

“I am typically a size small in swimsuit tops and medium in bottoms, and the Skims S and M fit true to size here,” said one of our editors. “I tried the Plunge Bikini Top ($38), and it was definitely a plunging neckline, but you can adjust the length of the straps on the top, which made the fit even better than some other two piece suits I’ve tried.”

How Skims compares to other swimwear

Swimwear fit and styles aside, we reviewers were most impressed with the collection’s fabric. Simultaneously thick and soft, the fast-drying material is a combo of recycled nylon and spandex that delivers an almost compressive feel — not surprising, considering Kardashian is the queen of all things compression! This fabric is truly the power horse behind the swimwear line. “Overall, I felt like this material was far higher quality than many other swimsuits I’ve worn,” commented one of our editors. “I haven’t worn it enough times to see if the fabric pills, but my guess would be that it seems like the type of suit that would last a long time with proper care.”

In terms of coverage, you get what you see here, folks. None of the Kardashians, Kim included, stay away from skimpy swimwear, and Skims definitely embodies that vibe. Yes, the pieces are sexy. But they’re also flattering (most of the suits are double-lined with that fabric, so it really sucks you in) and functional enough to wear beyond the beach.

And the best part is that when it comes to pricing, Skims is on par with or cheaper than the competition. All three of us agreed that we were not only surprised by the prices of the items we tested, but that we would also consider buying them again in the new colorways.

Bottom line

If you’re on the hunt for quality swimwear that is affordable, fits great and is flattering – with some Kardashian cache to boot — Skims is a great option. For those that are hyper-aware of coverage, be sure to read each product’s description and check out how each piece fits the model. The brand is super honest and descriptive about how the products are designed, and ultimately how they’re going to look on your body, so it’s up to you to choose the best one for you.

Source : CNN